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Wear your Skirt The Royal Way!

In this week's post I was inspired by the most stylish Royals in the world to give you skirt looks ideas for this winter!

Monochrome Like Meghan!

The Duchess of Sussex has been Under spotlight since day one for many reasons, one of these reasons is her great sense of style. Meghan added this Hollywood glam to the conservative British royal fashion and created a completely new vibe that is entirely her signature. One of her signature style looks is pairing her favourite skirts with the same colour V or coop neck simple tops to create a chic monochromatic look that is both professional and modern.

tips for Meghan's style

- monochrome makes your silhouette appears slimmer and taller.

- simple V neck sweaters or laid back loose blouses/ shirts are great when paired with same colour pencil skirts for a professional look that is both modern and ,well, a tiny bit sexy but without exaggeration.

- Stay away from Pencil skirts if you are more on the rectangular side body shape. If you wanna wear them you can style them with a loose blouse that is partially tucked in to draw attention away from your waistline area. I personally think that Meghan's shape is a bit rectangular on the waist area and that's why she wears pencil skirts smartly with this trick,

- A line skirts with any length look great on body shapes that are a bit more rectangular on the waistline.

HIGH and LOW like Queen Rania

The Beautiful Queen of Jordan succeeded to create a signature style of her own using different unique techniques. She is never afraid to try new cuts/ designs/ prints colours ad textures. Her unique asymmetrical skirts with different bold colours/ prints and unique designs played an important role in creating her Royal style.

tips for Queen Rania's Look

- The Jordanian Royal loves high and low skirts and wear them formally or for more casual engagements. a great tip for dressing up your high and low skirt is to choose an evening material for a formal look or cotton and floral printed ones for casual looks.

- layered skirts can give volume especially if long so be aware of that.

- layered skirts can be complicated enough that they need a simple neutral colour top with them. Queen Rania loves pairing them with just a simple white shirt and minimal accessory.

- Don't be afraid of picking a bold colour for your layered skirt and pair it with same colour wide belt.

Pleats Like The Duchess of Cambridge!

Many fashion critiques would describe Kate's style as safe. I personally think it is always appropriate and effortlessly Chic! one of her favourite winter style looks is pairing a body hugging turtle neck with a maxi pleated skirt and it always looks amazing and fresh!

tips for Kate's style

- pleated skirts look great on long legs if your legs are more on the shorter end always follow Kate's tip and pair them with tucked in turtle necks with the same colour to give the illusion of a taller silhouette.

- printed pleated skirts never go out of style

- do not go for the turtle neck tip if you have very big breasts instead go for shirts or V necks

- biddy hugging turtle necks and pleated skirts draw attention to your waistline, you can accentuate it with a nice belt.

- the 90s are back! maybe the duchess of Cambridge was inspired by Lady Diana's 90s style for this all royal blue look. ( image 2) try your long blazers with your long or midi pleated skirt.

Some General Royal inspiration!

- Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge styling these plaid skirts in two different styles between formal and casual. loved how Kate Middleton mixed a traditional skirt style with a very modern and fairly simple kind of an everyday top.

hola!! it's me again! this time competing with Queen Letizia on who wore this snake print Zara skirt better! and yes royals wear Zara too especially if they are royals from Spain.. DUHH I paired the pleated skirt with a fuzzy burgundy sweater ( not so clear in this picture my apologies) for a more bohemian look while the Queen of Spain simply wore it with a turtle neck for a more professional look

Clashing Prints!

Queen Rania and Queen Letizia did an amazing job with mixing and matching different prints here, however if you still did not master the technique be extra careful with it

some tips:

- one of the prints has to be a bit faded and the other extra strong ( look at queen Rania's image)

- you can play with one main neon colour but never more than one

- this technique adds volume so be careful.

- preferred with pencil skirts or skirts that are not flair skirts.

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