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Milano Jewellery Week 2022 covered! Part 1

where all the rising stars in Jewellery Design meet!

Milano Jewelry week returned to light up the streets of Milan from the 20th to the 23rd of October 2022. The one-of-its-kind event held in Italy had over 750 exhibitors and more than 150 scheduled events. After fashion, fine arts and Design Milan now became the hub for the glamorous Jewelry world. Held in Milan's most prestigious neighbourhoods and villas, MJW brings together art and jewelry to showcase the works of the world’s most creative jewelry designers through different thematic paths.

I really got fascinated not only by the amazing jewelry that was on display in each event but also with the wonderful ambiance of the villas and galleries that adds to the artistic value of the jewelry showcased. On the first day, I visited the Artistar Jewels event that took place in the rooms of the splendid Palace of di Porta Venezia. Wearing my favourite Milan casual chic that consisted of a plaid blazer and an Asymmetric slit skirt paired with My favourite Circus Boots and an Italian touch that manifested into my Versace cross bag and my Prada sunglasses, I was fascinated by the works of 230 international artists and Jewelry designers. Moving from one artist to another seeing how the designers mixed the magic of Fine arts in different sectors above all History and architecture into their works. Like everyone else I had my favourites and here are some of the jewelry I found really revolutionary and magical.

Featured: @sergey Izmestiev

Featured : @Renee Pan

Palace of di Porta Venezia and the beauty of its interiors.

My outfit from one of the MJW events check my Instagram Page for outfit details @thefashionparadox

I then visited the FAB event held in this gorgeous Italian Villa called Palazzo dei Giureconsulti.

The FAB showcased the works of 150 international jewelry designers including my Mom’s! ( I will add links to her brand ARJEWELRY below to check it out) what I mainly loved about the Fab is that it was very intimate focusing mainly on the artist’s inspiration whether it’s a childhood memory or simply nature. As an artist and designer, I find personal connections, ideas and stories to be giving a very powerful uniqueness and originality to an art piece. The guiding thread, however, to these inspirations was mainly these 4 natural elements: Water, Air, earth and Fire.

inside Palazzo dei Giureconsulti where the Fab was held.Its beautiful architecture gave the jewellery a unique flavour.

one of the brands that really caught my attention in the FAB was Nino Sepo. the pieces gave me a Schiaparelli Vibe, they are unique and mysterious I could see it worn by a femme Fatale persona! @Ninosepo

I absolutely loved this piece by Nino Sepiashvily. Although I do not know the inspiration behind it, it gave me an Ancient Greek vibe, I imagine those earrings with a one shoulder white chiffon look!

Another Designer that captured my attention was Bitacora, they also got best in contemporary jewellery on the awards night of MJW.

A set by ARJEWELRY showcased in the FAB. ARJEWELRY follows the concept of beauty in imperfection.all their work is based on handmade skills like hammering and folding, as well as raw metals like Brass and Silver and semi precious stones.

I picked this cuff by ARJEWELRY for one of the MJW events! that's a plus of having a Mom Jewellery designer lol!

Of course, environmental topics and concerns were also brought to the creative table. The jewel drops event presented about 500 pieces mainly made from recycled materials. In addition to recycling, the jewel drops also presented pieces made of unusual and interesting materials. I loved seeing these because they brought me back to the amazing fine arts school days when we would be asked to use unusual or novelty fabrics to make our projects.

@lolanadthreads is an artist and jewellery designer who makes handmade jewellery that incorporates natural materials like silks, mohair, cotton and linen along with natural stones like pearls. being a textile artist myself, I really enjoyed these pieces and how fabric folds were used to construct amazing jewellery pieces.

Halfway through writing this blog, I realized that there’s so much to cover and too many artists I would like to feature. I decided to divide my blog post into 2 posts for a lighter read.

Stay tuned for part 2 Which is going to feature artists who displayed in other MJW events and the awards night including some ‘’best In” Winners!

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