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JLO Iconic Fashion moments

Star of the month!

JLO is not only an iconic actress and performer, she is definitely a star when it comes to the fashion world. Since I picked this adored celebrity to be January's Star of my blog, I will show you some of JLO'S most iconic fashion moments and some of the style lessons we can learn from her.

Iconic Red Carpet Glam

looks like JLO loves Zuhair Murad for her red carpet looks. not only does she pick cuts that highlight her curves perfectly, but she also plays with hair and makeup to create an overall mood that matches her dress. JLO is so successful in creating different personas on the red carpet.

who can forget the iconic tropical Versace dress that JLo wore to the Grammy's in 2000. she was not only a symbol of absolute sexiness and feminine energy but also set the rules for a whole new fashion trend.

the one color rule

- J lo loves to create one colour from head to toe outfits and it absolutely works! monochrome outfits make you look taller, and slimmer and are great for your winter chic.

love is in the hair!

The Hollywood icon does not shy away from hair accessories including cool turbans! they add that exotic touch to the look for a cool change.


- JLO is an expert when it comes to layering coats and cool outer wear with different textures and materials.

Genuine Love for Cargo Pants

- When it comes to Cargo pants inspo Go Jlo!

Signature Hoop Earrings

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