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Beauty Trends of 2023

From hairstyles to makeup trends here's your guide for stylish looks in 2023

wow! I can't believe we are in 2023 already! how? seriously we were just trying to catch our breath coming out of covid and before we know it, it's been already 3 years since the pandemic started!!

anyways, the last thing you are here to read about is me writing about COVID 19 lol!

So what are the hottest beauty trends that we've seen on the fashion runways and in the posts of our favourite celebrities and bloggers on Instagram?


From left to right: blogger Sara Younis ( Instagram: @saraunis3) - Vanessa Hudgens

- I absolutely loved how braids are back this season stronger than ever! we've seen many styles, from one long braid to many in a ponytail, and they are all fun and stylish. however here are some tips to wear this hairstyle without turning into a 3rd-grade student, because I am sure this is not the look you are going for.

Tips for the Braid style:

- it looks best with a slick high ponytail, use hair gets for a neat look to control baby hair.

- This look is best with edgy fashion, try it with a cool puffy leather jacket this and Cool cargo pants

- Accessorise this look with big hoop earrings and metallic eyeliner for a fun night out with the girls.

- if you have a very wide forehead, maybe this is not the look u wanna go for, however it would look cute with curtain bangs.

Bangs forever!

we all love the forever young feel we get from wearing our bangs. if you are a bangs fan, I have good news for you they are back!

there are many ways you can wear them this season, here are some ideas!

left to right: well, this is just me in my Bardot bangs lol ( Instagram: @yasmine.h.wasfy)- Model wearing cute front bangs- Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega in sexy side bangs

tips to wear bangs:

- The curtain bangs or Bardot bangs ( the ones I am wearing in this photo) are ideal if you want to both frame your face and at the same time keep control over your hairstyle because they are easy to put on the side or curl and blend with the rest of your hair. try layering your hair in the front with this particular bangs style. for best reference check Brigitte Bardot's hairstyles and show them to your hairstylist for best results.

- Brigitte Bardot's iconic bangs,

- thick front bangs are ideal for round faces or wide foreheads. pair them with a timeless cat-eye eyeliner look.

- if you choose to wear your bangs to the side, try layering your hair also loose beach waves look modern and cool with this look.

- bangs highlight your eyes, but also they put emphasis on your lips. Try to go soft with your eye makeup and wear a red lips, or do the opposite; highlight your eyes with a bold smokey look and go nude on the lips. balancing your makeup look is key to wearing bangs beautifully.

The Dark Smokes

- I am personally so happy that the smokey look is back! for a mysterious and attractive persona go smokey with your makeup from time to time in 2023. This makeup look I find this to be specifically flattering in the winter.

far Right: Turkish actress Hande Ercel in a very elegant smokey eye look.

Tips for a perfect smokey look:

- I'm sure you all know about the makeup golden rule: heavy on the eyes, light on the lips. if you go with a smokey look keep your lips nude or glossy.

- a wet hair look is perfect for smokey eyes. you can wear it to the back or to the side or even middle-parted with cool earrings to make your eyes pop.

-f or brown eyes, try a smokey look with metallic shades of purples and blues to make your eye colour pop. golds are also amazing for both brown and green eyes

- The Icon JLO purples and blues inspired smokey eye looks.

The Cat-eye Game!

one of the things that are changing a bit in 2023, is how we use our eyeliner. it's time for some fun with those lines. here are some inspiring looks!

left to right: Vanessa Hudgens- Turkish actress Pinar Denis-Egyptian actress Mayanne El Said.

- the classic eyeliner look is still in, however, try pairing it with cool shades of eyeshadow or metallic eye corners.

- metallic eyeliners are the hottest makeup trend this season. maybe try it for your next night out with the girlzzz


well, we are in 2023 ladies! and we are all out there working all day long to face the tough economy state duh! so why can't we just show off our naturally beautiful skin and go out in the morning with a fresh look allowing ourselves the break we need from perfection?

left to right: Turkish actress Asli Enver- Model on the runway of Victoria Peckham- Model Kelsey Meritt

- Do not be afraid to show SKIN all your blemishes along with your natural freckles are beautiful and are you!

- for a healthier bare look stick to a strict skincare routine and NO it does not have to be anything more than washing your face twice daily, good hyaluronic acid and a good moisturizer. and lots of WATER

- the no-makeup makeup look is also a bare look with a trick lol no foundation and minimal concealer, then add a hit of lip gloss and natural blush colour. and TATAAA Naturally beautiful!

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