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The Layering Game!

how to over layer in style?

ever wondered how to add layers to your outfit but remain stylish and on fleek?

Here I am offering different ways that will help you stay warm and stylish, especially if you are like me stuck in an extremely cold weather for most of the year, Hello from Canada!!, here we go...

let's start with Rule 1

Always keep your layering simple, especially if you are not super slim and if you have curves. You never want to give the illusion of bulkiness or asymmetrical body shape.

- This is me yaaayy!! I thought I'd be the worst fashion blogger ever if I didn't post a picture of my own style right? here I kept my street look layering simple but classy by styling a boxy coat over wide leg high waist jeans. I always prefer to keep my layering simple under boxy coats because I am average in height and have wide hips.

  1. Boxy Coat? tips and tricks...

  • Boxy coats add volume, so keep that in mind while layering and do not layer theme with thick sweaters if you are short in hight.

  • they look amazing with wide leg jeans and suit pants. preferably if left open with a high neck sweater underneath

  • printed wide leg pants look amazing under plain boxy coats.

  • boxy coats are best in neutral colours to lessen the volume they give to your body

Get the look!

  • Coat: @Zara

  • Jeans:@dynamite canada

  • Bag: @louisvuitton

  • Boots:@Max&Co

  • Sunglasses: @urbanoutfitters

A Touch Of Colour

Layering LOVE Colours!! however there are some rules to a good colourful layering. The good news is that Winter isn't about dull/ neutral colours anymore,

  • colourful layering adds volume to your body, stay away from it if Volume isn't something you are looking for in your look.

  • colourful layering looks best if you combined V neck sweaters and boxy coats with two or three layers of necklaces to elongate your neck. This trick adds height to your shape.

  • Colour combos like dark red and lavender/ green and white/ baby blue and lilac/ Orange and Olive are so popular this season and add a youthful feel to your style

  • minimize your accessory choice if you decided to go with colourful layering eg: small/medium cross bags minimal earrings/ necklaces

  • if you decided to combine colour with prints be careful not to make them clash and always choose print in only one layer ( preferably the under layer).

Prints nd Layers! here I combined a plaid blazer under a fur coat


  • Blazer:@dynamitecanada

  • Coat:@Only

  • Bag: @ralphlauren

A Touch of BOHO!!

A bohemian touch to your winter style is still trendy! it looks fresh and unique. Know how to do it right!

look at this embroidered sweater over the gathered maxi dress! isn't this cool!

Get the look!

  • Sweater and Dress: @Fillyboo ( I love how unique this Australian brand is, it's defeneietly a go to for those who love Boho, and guess what? it is artisan made too!!

Tips and tricks:

  • only go for Boho long sweaters over wide maxi dresses if you are tall. for average to short height go for short sweaters over straight/slim fit short to medi knit dresses.

  • play with colours! however this look works best as monochrome ( same colour head to toe) and give illusion of a taller shape.

  • Celebrity inspo: Turkish actress Asli Enver is a boho style queen! for her Character as Surreya Boran in the successful Turkish drama ''The Bride of Istanbul" Asli styled amazing boho outfits for her winter and fall looks! here she styled a blazer dress under a medi black boxy coat. Check her out!

Sweater over dress! why not?

  • the Austrian fashion blogger @dilekpacacioglu is a pro when it comes to layering sweaters and dresses! I love this loose soft sleeveless sweater over the short shirt dress. This look is so late sixties and I think it looked amazing on the petite figure of Dilek don't you agree? ( you can follow Dilek on Instagram @dilekpacacioglu

  • A tip!! if you are petite combine the sweater with short a line skirt dresses and a belt.

  • It is a great feminine winter style! here with a bohemian touch with the floral prints and the layered dress. This look is great if you are more on the skinny side.

The Hollywood Way!

left to right: GiGI Hadid, Angelina Jolie, Gigi Hadid

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