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silk loves your hair this season

how to wear you fav silk products as hair accessories and look absolutely trendy!

- silk hair scarf as appeared in ELLE magazine fall 22 edition

boring hair is no longer needed, I personally have always wondered about those beautiful hair accessories I always see on the runways or in the niche shops in the fashionable European districts. I would look at them and be so tempted to buy the whole collection, but would find myself asking: '' well but how to I style them so that I do not end up looking like a vintage doll?"

here are the trendiest ways I gathered for styling your silk hair accessories, this research is precious because it took me forever! I made sure to also include hair colours, cuts, styles in consideration along with causal and evening Inso visuals! so hopefully this post answers most of your questions about how to wear hair silk accessories.


- slo appears styling her practical street look with a colourful silk hair tie around a high bun

well, a safe and easy way to style your fav silk hair tie or silk scrunchies is to wrap them around a bun, some points to take in consideration though:

- high buns suit oval/ long faces, however do not exaggerate the height if your face structure is more elongated try a middle bun.

- if you are feeling creative and want to go with a messy bun, choose big cloud scrunchies instead of small ones to balance the look, especially if your hair is long and thick.

- for an evening look you can choose a low raise ponytail with big cloud silk scrunchies, or you can hide your whole bun inside a cloud scrunchies however, make sure the cooler is neutral and is the same as your outfit's colour.

- a big cloud hair scrunchie decorated with handpainted tulle, ( available for purchase on the silk store)


another great way to wear your fav silk scarves this fall is the bandana style, and guess what! it does not have to be dull or pale, many celebrities and style icons were seen attending runways and events in fashion capitals matching their neutral fall outfits with colourful bandana style scarves and I love it!!

- from Paris to Milan loved the colourful silk headbands with dark or neutral blazers this fall

notes on bandans:

_ if your face is chubby stay away from that style, instead try a narrower bandana head accessory

- match this style with blazers this fall

- Brand name scarves and repeat print scarves are so in as well as abstract painting style scarves

- Charlotte Casiraghi wearing a bandana scarf in SAINT LAURENT runway 2020/ left: DIOR silk bandana

-FENDI'S runway head scarf

- Carmels and browns remain the unchanged ritual of falls, do not shy out from wearing these silky brown scarves with a glittery earthy eye makeup and sleeveless dress for your night out .


in Chanel's runways this season there was a strong presence for the bows. satin and silk bows with black and white were strongly present to decorate different hairstyles.

- a silk organza bow scrunchies ( available in our silk store, handprinted and hand-dyed)

- black silk bows making a strong appearance on the runways of CHANEL this season

Wearing silk bows has some rules, however, this season. On the runways of chanel we saw a variety of hair looks complimented by the silk bows whether it is a half undo or a chic side look. bows came in black and white this fall, however colours are not limited to that you can always include pastels to your fall wardrobe this season.

- chanel inspired half undoes high and low both in this season, do not shy away from styling a neutral colour silk bow with a touch of neon in your clothing this fall.

- also on CHANEL runways this fashion week we saw the slim headbands that took us to the feminine style of Brigitte Bradot's in the fifties


- one of the trendiest tricks to use your colourful silk scarf as a hijab this season is to play with colours! mix and match colours of your sunglasses and clutch with your hijab and add that bold combo to a neutral boho dress, just wow!


wanna go boho this season? it is the perfect time to go creative with your silk scarf. Whether the colour is soft or BAM match your hair tie with a loose ponytail or a lower bun and wear your cosiest sweater.

- you can show off your fav scarf by simply let it hanging with your ponytail. This style is especially good if you have a long hair.


add that oriental touch to your wardrobe by turning your silk piece into a turban. Turbans made a strong impression on the runways for multiple seasons.


matching your colourful head scarf with big colourful earrings can be a great way to enjoy the last glimpse of summer. Do not worry though, this trend has been in for a couple of seasons now, so you can still use next summer.

- runways of DOLCE and GABANNA along with MISSORI

* our online '''The Silk Store'' is offering a selection if silk scarves and hair accessories.

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