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How to style your little black evening dress

Who does not own a little black dress in their closet? little formal black dresses have always been a closet must have , however, recently they started to be looked at as boring or a ''cliche'' look.

I would love to show you some tips that will totally transform your little black dress look and make it trendier yet still elegant.

event: engagement party

less formal summer event ( not a black tie event)

goal: you don't want to look boring

a trendy look that is still classically chic

What do you need to change?

1- accessories: accessories are key, black loves gold!gold bracelets with different sizes matched with pearl- bracelets or the ones with coloured stones will add a touch of modernity to your look.

-asymmetrical earrings instead of regular formal ones:

asymmetry earrings are so in! they would look stunning with a simple little black dress.

- Trendy high heel sandals instead of Formal heels: gold sandals instead of black heels will definitely make your look sexier and trendier.

- I chose this set of bracelets to match it with a little one shoulder black dress.

Big bracelet: By Versace

- I love how Monaco Royal Charlotte Casiraghi styled this simple one shoulder black dress. Notice the trendy accessories she chose to modernize this look, by the way these accessories are from her line with Mont Blanc. I also love her simple sleek hairstyle.

- I also brought this example by Charlotte Casiraghi to show you what you should not be doing with a little black dress in 2020. Classic black heels no accessories all black is not how you want to style your little black dress in 2020.

- I absolutely love this look by The Duchess of Cambridge! The pearl necklace and her cute leather belt added a touch of modernity and style to this elegant black gown.

- Adding a pop of colour to your simple little black dress makes a huge difference! check this look by The Duchess of Cambridge.

Here are some products I liked that will absolutely give you a general idea of the accessories you need for your little black dress look:

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