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Get inspired by Rachel Green's Outfits

Has anyone noticed that the 90s are back? who can be more inspiring than the 90s sweetheart The spoiled, funny, witty and pretty Rachel Green from the world's most popular TV show FRIENDS

the iconic tv character was not only popular because of how well written it was, but also the fashion sense of Rachel Green really made her stand out. Jennifer Aniston's outfits as Rachel became soon one of the main guidelines of the 90s fashion. We can definitely say that Rachel green is the iconic face of the 90s trends.

- Layering cute sheer pieces under loose dresses is a pure Rachel Green style signature. This layering technique first emerged in the 90s and it continues to inspire our fashion choices today. Rachel loved layering especially to dress up an outfit.

- you definitely remember this mint green evening gown! one of Rachel green's most iconic looks ever ad a simple classy look to still look amazing today in any event without effort. I love how she went monochrome and wore the same colour clutch. and that slit! just effortlessly perfect.

- I got inspired by Rachel's mint look here and applied it myself but with a touch of modern gold. I was looking for something simple and not too formal or poppy, I was just going for a simply timeless feminine look.

dress: @lechateaucanada

heels: @michealkors

watch: @tagheure

- A pencil Skirt and classic pointy pumps! the timeless business chic that never goes out of style and always makes you look like you know what you're doing ( even if you don't lol). the green of this outfit is also in trend now!

tips on how to wear a pencil skirt:

- stay away from pencil skirts if you are more of a rectangular body shape or pair it with a long blazer.

- avoid tucking in dense layers in your pencil skirt to avoid any bulk, instead if you are wearing a loose blouse tuck part of the front and let the back hang for a trendier effect, or like Rachel wear a natural waist length tight-fitting top.

a blazer and a cute skirt! NEVER go out of trend. the all-white outfit by Rachel here is one of my all-time favs. you can definitely wear both styles in 2022 if you're thinking about cute ways to wear your long blazer.

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