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A Red Carpet New Year's Eve part 1

Replace your Dress with a cool Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits have been in style for a couple of years now, they are still as cool as they were in 2016 however here are some tips and tricks on how to make them even cooler.

1- Solid color jumpsuits and fun accessories. I love this look by Jessica Alba where she styled a simple jumpsuit with sparkly silver accessorize and a sleek straight hairstyle,

tips!! However, I still think this look is missing a lot of excitement! I mean we are in 2022 come on! replace safe choices like pure silver/gold or black accessories with neutral accessories that have a touch of color, For example, a silver shoe with a touch of blue. You can also stop matching your purse with your shoe

TRY - silver sandals and Royal blue clutch with black jumpsuits

- Emerald and red accessories with black jumpsuits

The Egyptian Monica Bellucci Yasmine Sabri is a fan of black jumpsuits, here are two looks one with sequin and the other a little bit more formal. I think she looks great but too safe! again this season experimentation with accessories is so in! let's look at a visual that describes what I mean by experimentation!

YASMINE The Elegant Lady: - jumpsuits suit bodies like Yasmine's hourglass with a great narrow waist

- blazer jumpsuits give you the elegant businesswoman look, to make it more party style with cool sandals and loose wavy hair

Now here are examples of creative experimentations with accessorizing in a solid color jumpsuit looks! I absolutely love these two looks by Amal Clooney and Sonam Kapoor.

TIP cape jumpsuits are so in and an interesting way to wear your jumpsuit and still give the vibe that you are wearing a dress which is what french people call Trompe d'oeil

- Love the tie touch that Yasmine added here to her Cape jumpsuit look.


sparkles and Gold are my personal favs for this time of the year. here's how to wear them in a trendy way

love this shiny look by Tunisian beauty Dorra Zarouk.

Tips: try your fav shiny gold dress with a strict hairstyle/updo

- with shiny gold, it's either statement earrings or statement necklace never both

- try the all-gold look instead of black heels

Consider your accessories!

- a touch of Rubies Red by Reem Saeidi

- This is exactly what I mean by COOL Accessory Choices! also this dress length is perfect for a party on new year's eve.

tip: try more bohemian cuffs/ necklaces and rings

- gold looks great with warmer skin tones, if you are more on the cool skin tone side go with shiny silvers.

- great lipstick choice for Emma Stone's fair complexion with this silver look.

inspiring hairstyles for a night out!

1- Do not overdo anything!!! keep it fresh and simple

- for this one-shoulder evening look I was thinking of an elaborate retro and then taking the size of the event in consideration and the simplicity of my dress I was like let's keep it simple and effortless and go for loose side waves instead, at the end of the day it's like a less strict retro.

- was inspired by these celebrities while thinking about my hair look for this event

- for a timeless chic black look keep your hair's volume. This look is timeless and so feminine and mastered by Yasmine Sabri and Nadine Nassib Njeim.

get the look: - If your hair is healthy but naturally wavy blow dry it lightly from a distance, use your hairdryer's brush, and style the crown of your head and front with an upwards direction to add volume.

- curl your hair with a wide curling iron without straighten in first

- if needed straighten the roots for a final touch.

for straight hair - do not use conditioners

- let your hair air dry

- blow-dry in a manner that gives volume to your hair without a brush

- use a narrower curling iron from the front til ends

- with a wide comb or your finger loosen your hair curls to make them look wavy and voluminous.


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