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A la Monochrome!

Have you heard about the Monochromatic look before? The word ''Mono'' means single, and ''chrome'' means colour.

The Monochromatic look has always been a universally flattering fashion trend. It works all seasons and it adds magic to your style.

The One colour look pros:

- Monochromatic look makes your silhouette look taller.

- The one colour trick also makes you look slimmer.

-it is a great option for styling neon colour palettes that are usually hard to match with other colours.

- into sixties vibes?! Monochrome is all about sixties!

The One colour look cons:

Honestly I can't find any cones for the Monochromatic look, however if you are thinking about going Neon with it

you need to master the skill of styling monochromatic outfits first.

quick Dos and Do nots for a great Monochromatic look:

- DO: if you are going for a monochromatic look be careful while matching hues/tones of the colour. ideally you would want all the tones to be matching.

- DO NOT: play too much with tones you can always match different tones of the same colour together but do not go too far with it.

- Love how both Jessica Alba and Blake Lively chose their colour palettes for both these monochromatic looks, got the sixties vibe??

- No one Does Monochrome like Olivia Palermo!! notice how she added this belt and played with the silhouettes

to make her look exciting and far away from a boring funeral black look.

- I'm so in love with Olivia'Palermo so get used to seeing her featured in my posts!! look at this stunning look!

one of the things you could do with a monochromatic look is playing with textures and mix/match the materials.

- Another great example by Olivia Palermo, I think that Meghan Markle also wore a similar look, anyways, notice

the colour choice and how she broke the intensity of colour with pale accessories. Now you could be thinking well that's not quite Monochrome but there''s no harm really in breaking the monochromatic mood by choosing different colour accessories especially if the colour is intense. Also I love this example because it shows how you can make a piece stand out really well. Olivia's exquisite clutch really stands out here!!

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